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Hello, I would not use Totally Webwise of Swansea or their sister company RTA Business Consultants Ltd Stockport, because all they seem to want is your money.Once you have paid them money they harass you for more.

The service is terrible and the staff are rude and once I was sworn at for asking for my money back. A friend of mine has had dealings with them and told me to put the name 'RTA Business consultants complaints' into google and see what kind of people they are.

I did this and was horrified by what I found out.The people who are directors of Totally Webwise od Swansea are the same as RTA Business Consultants, RTA Europe, and They are all the same, be warned stay away.

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RTA Contacted my wife and myself in in January 2011 with a promise that they could sell our company and had interested parties wanting to buy! since this date we have never had any contact from RTA or any potential buyers... until last month when a agent called my wife wanting to re *** our company and add us to a new data base as our previously advert needed updating my wife said she was too busy at the time can they call back.. the agent on the phone became really pushy and aggressive so my wife said I've not got time for this just take me of if my business isn't selling.... the next thing we get is a bill for £3700 plus VAT = £4500 ...

I then called RTA and got a really aggressive person on the phone Called Andrew Downey who says if i do not pay he will take me to court and close me down as we have signed a contract and agreed to pay the fee...

We WILL GO TO COURT and show other businesses that people like this CAN NOT get away with bully boy tactic...

We have set up a face book page and starting a twitter page to stop companies like this from trading.

we have just read that rta Signed up 20,000 businesses last year and only sold 12..

if anyone has any advice that will be needed in court my wife and i would be very appreciative on any sound advice..

Kind Regards

Keith Butcher

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Hi Keith,

im a member of your facebook group. These crooks know that smalls claims court is a lottery and it could go either way but we should all stand up for what is right.may I suggest also commenting on their you tube videos to warn off any potential victims.i have a court case with them coming up and my solicitor has beat oreilly before 4/4 times but says its not an easy battle


Hi Agree, Just google rta complaints you will not believe what comes up


I just googled them there are a lot of unhappy people out there. rta business complaints


The Directors of Totally Webwise is Chris and Ceri Edwards, Ceri Edwards is a Director of RTA business Consultants who are just intrested in taking money off you and ripping you off. Stay well away from this bunch of crooks, they will take your money and treat you like dirt.

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